Time’s Up!


It’s my last day in India, as we get ready to leave from Delhi. The past two months have passed by much faster than expected, as has our trip from Udaipur to Jaipur and Delhi via train and now it’s almost time to go. I was hoping to write an epic or insightful post, but the internet has been wonky and already erased 3 posts, so I’ll just write a short post, and go back to listening to Rowdy Rathore tracks (an incredibly Bollywood movie that Evan and I have seen twice in theatres).

It’s been a challenging but rewarding experience gaining field research skills working with Seva Mandir, interviewing families, sipping chai and chatting, and learning about Rajasthani culture. The kindness, compassion, and determination of those we’ve met with Seva Mandir, FSD, and our host families has been incredible and won’t be soon forgotten. I’ve learned so much about various education initiatives and strategies, basic math in Hindi and hindi songs about elephants (Hathi), and how to eat a mango without a knife. Other new skills include passive-aggressive bartering, chapati/parantha/bati cooking, and keeping curious goats at bay; all skills will be put to good use in NY I’m sure…

Below: Interviewees in Kotra



Provided I’m not delayed too much by weather, track trouble or sheep, by Thursday I’ll be in Nepal for a mini-project/vacation. A friend of a friend of a friend runs a community based school north of Kathmandu with her organization called Saprinu. I’ve offered to help out however I can, so that may mean collecting baseline surveys and data collection, or manual labor working on new construction or gardening all of which I’m excited for. Maybe I’ll post some comparisons between my experiences in India and Nepal, but no guarantees~ I have a paper due 6 days after I get to JFK!

It’s been a privilege to work in India, and a pleasure writing. Thanks for reading!



1 thought on “Time’s Up!

  1. It was good to know you and your adventure to try out everything “Made in India.” If there is any other way to eat mangoes, besides by hands, please let me know!

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